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Tornado Shelters

Certified & Tested

All 4C2 storm shelter design, construction, and installation comply with ICC 500, FEMA 361, and FEMA 320 standards. 4C2 Industrial LLC is also a proud Producer/Installer member of the American Tornado Shelter Association.


     Survive the storm with 4C2. Here, we believe in putting family first and being prepared for anything. Our storm shelters have been constructed to withstand up to 250 MPH winds; the equivalent of an EF-5 tornado and have been tested by Construction Consulting Laboratory, International. Available for above ground, inside or outside installation.


      4C2 Industrial's storm shelters have been fabricated with 1/4" carbon steel roof, floor, door and walls, 3"x3" x 1/4" carbon steel angle iron all corner supports, 4”x 7.25lb carbon steel channel internal supports every 2 foot on walls, roof and door, 3/16” skip weld construction 2” of weld every 12” on channel iron to plate, as well as 3/4” x 5 1/2” Galvanized Hilti KWIK HUS anchors that will bolt your shelter to the ground. Our shelter doors are made with (3) .747” carbon steel 10.55” long barrel hinges, (3) 1” 304 stainless solid rod slide locks to insure a secure fit, 1” schedule 80 stainless steel pipe for rod slides and  1” x 8” 304 stainless steel door handle both outside and inside. All of our doors are able reach a height of 6'4 3/4". Shelters can be painted inside and out either light gray or white epoxy paint and are equipped with 8” tall x 11” wide vents.  Vents have carbon steel expanded metal on inside with 1/4" carbon steel protective plate on the outside.

Shelter Sizes

4' x 8'
Fit: 8-10 People
Color: White Epox

3' x 4.5'
Fit: 2-3 People
Color: White Epoxy

Custom sizes available under 4' x 8'

CLLI Testing

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